Posh Pets | Professional Dog Grooming Salon

Posh Pets professional dog grooming salon is part of the Riverview Veterinary group.
Based in Bandon and more recently opening a new branch of Posh Pets in Kinsale.

Your pet will be professionally groomed by Susan Handel, Who is assisted by another fully qualified groomer ‘Flower’ who holds a European higher certificate in dog grooming, along with an ‘A’ grade pass certificate for the Hungarian dog grooming association 2010.

Susan is originally from Wales, she has been involved with dogs one way or another all her life. Susan trained for five years in Wales under the watchful eye of an astute canine beautician Mrs A Boyle.

In 1994 Susan went on to gain her City & Guilds qualification in the art of dog grooming.

Then in 2007 obtained her certificate from the London Academy of grooming. Established and run by one of the top groomers in Britain Ms Gillian East.

And most recently in 2009 gained a grade A level pass for Veterinary nursing/assistant Higher Diploma.

Susan is a member of the I.P.D.G.A the Irish Professional Dog Groomers Association. And she is hoping to take part in the national dog grooming championships later this year.

Your four legged best friend will be very well cared for at Posh Pets.

All dogs are thoroughly groomed out, properly bathed using only the best shampoo’s imported from America, which is specifically designed for dogs.

The shampoos are made from natural ingredients, and come in a wide variety depending on the type of coat and the condition of the skin and hair..There is something for everyone! (Including the ones with fleas) after the bath your dog will be thoroughly dried, toe nails cut to the correct length, and inside the ears if there is hair to be removed, this will be done correctly and with as little discomfort to your dog as possible. Ears will be cleaned and inspected for any signs of mites or irritation. Depending on the breed, your dog will then be ready for clipping or scissoring or Hand stripping to the breed specification or to your own personal taste. All dogs that come into the salon are carefully handled and have a basic health check. Susan brings a wealth of experience, as well as her kind calming manner, to Posh Pets.